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Summer Adventure Program (SAP)

"Multi activities & Life skills adventure camp"

Since 1998, iGAP Core Team & Activity Leaders have been providing exciting Multi activities & Life skills adventure camp for Kids, teenagers and adults, combining wilderness adventure with the opportunity to work with local village peoples on awareness services that honour their traditional life ways, or on conservation services that preserve the beauty of the Nature.

Our Summer camp for boys and girls are designed for the enthusiastic, the eager, and the curious. The goals of these multi activities & Life skills summer camps are for young kids & teenagers to expand their passion for the outdoors and introduce them to a variety of exciting outdoor activities. We are sure that some of these activities will become lifelong pursuits. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, our adventure programs are action-packed, loaded with fun, and bring you to some of the world’s most beautiful settings. Whether you're a 8years of old or 60years of young looking for your first adventure, or want to expand your adventure career, we have a program for you.

Further, our Multi activities & Life skills summer camp is specifically designed for young, growing up children who enjoy time out  with their friends, away from the hustle & bustle city life, learn to be self dependant and prepare to deal with the challenges they are going to face. The Mission is to help participants learn how to make the most of every moment, uncover their unique abilities, and develop greater confidence, while  mastering strategies for academic success.

Our emphasize is on self expression, peer relationships, trusting one another, giving each other next chance for better understanding and maintain one’s individuality in the World.

Activities include: Wilderness Trekking & Hiking, Wilderness Backpacking, Camping, Outdoor Survivals Skills, White Water Rafting, Rock Climbing & Rappelling, Wilderness Cooking, Building Shelters, Kayaking, Caving, Rope (High & Low) Challenge Course and Wilderness Mountain Biking. Activities are age appropriate and adjusted to each camper's abilities helping to build self confidence. If you are looking for a fun & vibrant summer, with the perfect level of challenge, join us for life time experience.

SAP provide:

  • Professionals and trained activities leaders maximize participant development and safety,
  • Innovative program addresses issues specific to child ages 8 to 16
  • Daily pre structured day objectives with thrilling, challenging & new activity themes promote empowerment and character growth,
  • Incredible personal growth opportunities,
  • Thoughtful, individual and relevant leadership training,
  • Community service that is meaningful and truly cross cultural,
  • Adequate adult to participant ration on a camp to ensure attention for each participant.
  • Small group size, close in age, for powerful team dynamics,
  • Amazing expedition experiences for every participants, experienced or not,
  • Environmental awareness and nature studies,
  • Experienced and inspirational leaders – average age is 27 years,
  • Unrivalled programming area knowledge and safety record,
  • Accreditation & Affiliation by the IMF and other Associations of Adventure & Experiential Education,

Highlights :

iGAP provides on our program; Ice Breakers, corporal exercises, fun filled group activities, mix selection of all adventure & life skills activities i.e. rock climbing, outdoor survival skills, search & rescue, backpacking & trekking, rope challenge courses, mountain biking, white water rafting, kayaking, parasailing, paragliding, jungle safari, Desert activities,  camping out, night navigation, star gazing, obstacle course, aero modelling, magic workshops, candle making & craft workshops, first aid training, team games, circus skills, group activity competitions and bonfire etc, various level of challenges and tasks.

Activities Covered:

Terrestrial Activities, Water Activities, Snow Activities, Forest Activities, High and Low Rope Activities, Aero activities, Desert activities, Team Building and Life skill activities etc.


Adventure, Fun, Love with Nature, Thrill, Land activities, Water based activities, Team Bonding, identifying your strength & weakness, dealing with challenges, Decision Making skills, Team Leading, Collaboration, Communication, Risk taking, overcome fear and Spirit of Success.

To provide an individualized, empowering experience for each participants, our enrolment is limited. To ensure a camp spot for your child, act now! So, don't wait and watch lets grab a life time & thrilling experience at iGAPs' program

Real fun! Thrilling adventure! Big challenge! Unmatched experience!!!......

SAP details:

Hub & Spoke Model Adventure Camp (HSMAC)

5 nights/6 days Multi activities program
  • Residential Adventure Work (RAW) programs

Mobile Activities Camp (MAC)

4 nights/5 days Eco-Expedition
  • Outdoor Backpacking
  • Wilderness survival skills
  • White Water Rafting voyage
  • Sailing expedition

..... or even you can have a program of your choice!!! click here