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Rock & Rapid (RAR)

This high-octane programme will introduce you to exciting activities such as Rafting, Kayaking, body Surfing, Rock Climbing and rappelling. RAR is a fast and fun, a high adrenaline mix of terrestrial & water activities that promise maximum excitement for those who like to live life on the edge.

We have it all at iGAP from the challenge of climbing, to the thrill of Rafting. The aim of RAR for participants is to get to know each other and enjoy acquiring new skills, this  program features multi-activity programmes for all ages that include a broad range of outdoor adventure and water based activities.

In our Rock & Raft program each participants will get to spend half of each day on the water trying a variety of activities like white water rafting, body surfing, kayaking and canoeing. For the other half of the day participant will be back on dry land for a range of multi activity events. iGAP let participants enjoy the water in a safe, yet exciting manner with stunning choice of outdoor activities with something interesting and challenging for everyone.

You can join us in any of these RAR programs........

  • 2 nights/ 3 days expeditions
  • 4 nights/ 5 days expeditions

..... or even you can have a program of your choice!!! click here