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Fun 4 Family (3Fs) Programs

If you went to a camp as a kid, then you knew how special this experience can be.  A chance to make new friends, develop new skills and interests in a variety of activities, and grow in many ways.

What if you could still enjoy these experiences? ...and with your kids? ...together as a family?  ...You can!

Spending time together is each family’s most precious resource.  What better way to spend quality time with family than on an active travel vacation?  Join iGAP on a fun filled week of adventure into a world of natural wonders and cultural diversity.  We’ll combine family time with exercise and relaxation, discovery and wonder, all while enjoying terrific activities and staying in comfortable accommodations.

iGAP is bound to delight and satisfy every active family, this is an ideal way to spark your kids’ curiosity to the world of discovery and active exploration and return home with treasured memories for a lifetime.

Whether it’s with an organized outdoor program or a trip independently planned by your family, iGAP allows you and your loved ones to experience virgin Nature and thrilling adventure side by side. With a climbing wall, fast & furious zip line, body surfing on chilled water, huge swing, hanging with your buddy on friendship ladder, you can overcome fears and support each other as a test to your physical limits. The natural ambience too, is best enjoyed with others.

Camps, Camps, and more Camps...
...unlimited fun for the whole family

You can have life time experience while choosing any of the 3Fs programs........
  • Day adventure outing (NCR)
  • 1 night/2 days adventure camp out
  • 2 night/3 days adventure camp out
  • Weekend adventure programs
  • Vacation adventure camp out

..... or even you can have a program of your choice!!! click here