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  1. What is adventure tourism?
  2. What is Outbound Training?
  3. Are adventure sports dangerous?
  4. How safe is iGAP?
  5. Am I enough fit for Adventure programs?
  6. Are there any Health Restriction?
  7. Apart from the adventure activities, do you offer any other kind of entertainment?
  8. Are there any hidden extras or surcharges? 
  9. How safe is it to travel in the hills?
  10. Is the place safe at night when everyone asleep?
  11. What are the options for Food & Beverages?
  12. Can I do more than one activity in a day?
  13. Who can participate in the activities?
  14. Is there a minimum number clients needed?
  15. What do I need to bring?
  16. Can my child bring a cell phone or iPod?
  17. Can I contact my child during the program/camp?
  18. What is the attire recommended to be worn for the various activities?
  19. Do I need any experience?
  20. If I can’t swim, can I still go Rafting?
  21. If I have a family with young children, can they go for adventure programs?
  22. What about cancellations?
  23. What are the provisions in case of an emergency?
  24. How do I book my adventure program?

What is adventure tourism?

Adventure tourism is an outdoor leisure activity that normally takes place in an unusual, glamorous, and remote or wilderness locations. It’s allowing participants to step outside their comfort zone. This may include activities such as Mountaineering, Trekking, Bungee jumping, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Zip-lining, Paragliding, Rock Climbing and many more. Other rising forms of adventure travel include Social, Cultural and Jungle tourism.  It's not doing the same old vacation year after year and being open to Experiencing Holidays.

What is Outbound Training?

Outbound Training is a term used to refer to a specially designed program in which participants are made to go through various outdoor activities where they are required to face challenging situations as individuals and teams. This illustrates the importance of communication, leadership, teamwork, planning & delegation and it is considered one of the best platforms for personality development, confidence building and team building. At iGAP, we organize Outbound Training & Adventure Programs for Kids, Schools, Colleges, Adults, Corporate groups and Families under the guidance of experienced trainers. Just call us and we can set it up for you!

Are adventure sports dangerous?

Adventure sports are breathtaking, thrilling, exciting, wild and unbelievably fun. However, it goes without saying, there is inherent risk involved. That risk contributes to the excitement, and is one of the reasons people enjoying adventure sports so much. Our instructors are trained to minimize and manage risks. 

How safe is iGAP?

At iGAP, safety is our prime concern. We believe in maintain faultless safety standards. All our instructors and course leaders are trained and experienced in their respective fields, they also undergo a rigorous training procedure with us before being sent on any program. We use state-of-art equipments and adventure gear of international standards. We conduct activities only at the most suitable locations. All activities are designed to be age-appropriate and instruction is provided for each activity. Our field staffs take care of all required things in detail, at the venue, in person before the start of any activity.

Am I enough fit for Adventure programs?

A person of moderate fitness level can participate in most of the events. While we do not place any strict physical ability criteria for most adventure programs (except of few) and most of our packages have been designed from amateurs and first timers’ perspective, still we encourage you to do a self analysis of your physical ability or consult a doctor before enrolling for one of the programs. 

Are there any Health Restriction?

Don't do any adventure activity if you have one or more of the following conditions – pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart conditions, have loose joints, have had a recent surgery, or any other kind of serious health problems.

Apart from the adventure activities, do you offer any other kind of entertainment?

Yes, we do. We can offer you live entertainment like a DJ, Painting, Movie show (Usually last night of the camp) as well as a range of workshops including cooking, craft-creation and pottery.

Are there any hidden extras or surcharges?

All our programs include all transport, meals, accommodation and much of the equipment you will need for your trip unless we have tailored otherwise. Once you leave home there is little to spend on our programs but mostly on sightseeing. Compare our quality, inclusions, pricing, flexibility & service and you will agree our programs represent the best value around.

How safe is it to travel in the hills?

Travelling to and from the selected destinations are always safe. We do reccee of the place first. We have tie-ups with the best transport providers in the local area. In addition, all drivers are checked for their history and strict convoy rules are followed. We also have a restricted speed limit for vehicles. Every vehicle has an escort travelling with the participants.

Is the place safe at night when everyone asleep?

We have round the clock security on campus, and all nearby villages are informed of our presence in the area. During night outs in the wilderness, instructors take turns in manning security at the camp.

What are the options for Food & Beverages?

Our kitchen is well equipped. It is a safe natural campus with a hygienic cooking and sanitation facility. The menu has to be pre decided. Consuming alcohol or any form of drugs at the site is strictly prohibited. No food items are allowed near the activities area.

Can I do more than one activity in a day?

Yes you can have multi activity days.

Who can participate in the activities?

Preferred age group is 8 years to 60 years. It is open to all individuals, educational institutions, corporate companies, Adventure Clubs and other Voluntary Youth Organisations.

Is there a minimum number clients needed?

We will run activities with only one person [in fact some people request this] but it can be cheaper if you are part of a group.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend you wear comfortable quick drying clothes for most activities. It is good to be prepared for both rain and shine. We also suggests a program kit list according to the program location and weather. Remember we supply all technical equipment required to carried out the adventure activities.