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Adventure in School Program (AIS)

"Confidence for Life"

"Are you a teacher looking for a school trip that will inspire, challenge, and offer a unique learning experience to the students?"

iGAP work with schools across the country during vacations as well as on request for school adventure programs that offer students the opportunities to expand their hearts & minds, test their bodies, and succeed in ways they may never have before. Whether you are looking for a special adventure to celebrate your time together, or want a group orientation that will help and teach better leadership, co-operation, decision-making skills, or you wish to provide a chance for students to engage in meaningful community service work. We can put together a blend of activities that will meet your needs and help students return with new team working skills, the camaraderie that develops during a camp, and all cherished memories to share in the classroom.
The skills students learn will help ease school stress, build study skills, improve grades and increase test scores. This adventure learning concept shows students ways to discover their inner strengths, pursue goals, make small and big decisions, problem solving skills, resolve conflicts and above all learn to live in harmony with each other.
Our AIS programs aims to extend your child’s daily learning by involving them in fun and adventure activities that will positively challenge and stimulate your child both physically and psychologically, also a child can unwind in a relaxed and fun environment.

Outdoor activities like rock climbing, outdoor survival skills, search & rescue, backpacking & trekking, rope challenge courses, mountain biking, white water rafting, kayaking, parasailing, paragliding, jungle safari, jungle Walk, desert activities,  camping out, night navigation, star gazing, obstacle course, aero modelling, magic workshops, candle making & craft workshops, first aid training, team games, circus skills, group activity competitions and bonfire etc have been largely used for the purpose of recreation and exploration. These activities leave a great impact not just on body, but also on the mind of the students.

Objective: Confidence for life Camp involve learning methods that focus on skills such as: -
  • Listening & Cooperation
  • Diversity & Patience
  • Develop Team Building
  • Better Communication
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Confidence building & knowledge growth
  • Responsiveness & protection of nature
  • Identifying Risk Factors & Other Character Traits in an Individual but above all its "WOW & FUN".
You are just a call away to accomplish all above objectives and choose what, where, when and for how long :

You can choose any of these AIS - Confidence for Life programs .......

a) In House AIS programs:

  • Half day adventure camp
  • Day adventure camp
  • Overnight adventure camp

b) Outdoor AIS programs:

  • Overnight adventure camp out
  • 2 nights/3 days camp out
  • 4 nights/5 days camp out

..... or even you can have a program of your choice!!! click here