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iGenius Adventure Path (iGAP)

"One world, infinite experiences"

iGenius Adventure Path (iGAP),formally created on September 3, 2012,was instigated way back in the late 90's. iGAP is all about giving life time experiences to its patrons with its huge range of outdoor and indoor activities & modules. Outdoor and Adventurous activities have the potential of making a significant contribution to the education of all whether they are child, young, adults or even older people at any stage of life. Outdoor and experiential learning also make a significant contribution to the development of cross-curricular skills through its use of problem-solving methods and approaches. Many of the activities encourage self-confidence and self-reliance in an individual as well as activities that require to work as a team and value the contribution of others.

iGAP offers a wide range of high quality adventurous outdoor activities making the best use of the surrounding environment that encourages personal development, team working skills together with an appreciation of the environment. It also deals in different indoor activities for behavioral trainings. Collectively, we aim to share our experiences, build on our passion and create extraordinary experiences that make a strong bond between iGAP and its patrons which makes them return to us.

iGAP: A name you can trust

Welcome to iGAP. An amazing and exciting world of fun and adventure is waiting to be explored by the next generation of adventure enthusiasts. We offer a range of adventurous outdoor activities for team building, recreation, outdoor education, development and training to Kids, Schools, Colleges, Youth groups, Voluntary organizations, Adult and Corporate groups to help the human spirit flourish. We as a team promise to make your journey and experiences which you will never forget. We offer a whole new world of possibilities to every individual to grow in confidence by challenging their own selves and trying something new each day through the medium of outdoor activities and adventures. We aim to provide high quality individually tailored outdoor experiences that are delivered to the highest standards.


Learning in outdoors with the help of environment, adventure and experience is the real learning. Adventure Learning gives opportunity to the individuals  to see the world from new and interesting perspectives that in return inspires them to seek knowledge and bring about change in the world. By doing so, it helps them to nurture and nourish different skills required to strengthen individuals’ behavior in the most desired manner.


iGAP believes in offering a hassle-free, blissful and delightful environment to help its patrons to build confidence, enhance communication skills, personal productivity, effective team leadership, collaborative team and conflict resolution. iGAP uses the natural environment, outdoor challenge course and experiential learning activities as a springboard to bring  its participants to move from their self-endorsed comfort zones that will change their perspective towards themselves, their relationship with other people and their environment.


  • Education 
  • Excellency  
  • Safety
  • Experience
  • Wilderness
  • Commitment
  • Leadership
  • Explore
  • Respect

Our Experties

iGAP organize and conduct need based & tailor made Outbound training and Adventure programs

Education Sector:

  • In school adventure camps (Day & Overnight camps)
  • Outbound adventure camps for kids
  • Teacher training programs
  • Summer camps to learn performing art skills
  • School & College educational tours.

Corporate Sector:

  • Outbound training programs; mainly behavioral training and life skills development.
  • Corporate leisure’s tours
  • Corporate events and annual day celebrations

Open Programs:

  • Open adventure programs for adult & children.
  • Trekking & Mountaineering expeditions
  • Family adventure outings
  • Birthday adventure events

Program Management, Adventure And Outdoor Support:


Outdoors are beneficial for every individual and for the people around.
  • For Self: An individual’s personal life skills, psychological health and behavioral self-management.
  • For Others: An individual’s capacity, skills and behavior with regard to cooperation and productive interaction with others.
  • For the Natural World: An individual’s capacity to connect to and take care of the natural world. This may include an awareness of, sensitivity to and knowledge about the natural environment and human impact.

iGAP Commitment

iGAP team and instructors are well qualified with many years of experience in outdoor education, both in schools and outdoor education centers. Our team and instructors are very committed and always eager to deliver the highest standards of supervision and care. Having fun is one of our main motto but not at the cost of the welfare and safety of your child and individual. As a parent, you can have complete peace of mind knowing your child is always being in the safest hands.