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Adventure Backpaking Course (ABC)

"Trekking and Hiking"

Trekking & Hiking is very often confused with mountaineering. While mountaineering is more technical in nature and requires a lot of preparation in the way of equipment, provisions, technical data, weather reports etc., trekking does not require as much preparation. From time immemorial, hill folk and pilgrims trekked over hills and dales due to lack of roads and means of transportation.

Trekking & Hiking also consist of a series of day hikes linked together with overnight stays in small tents, huts, improvised shelters' or local villages. They range from beginner multi-hours treks or daily hikes to advanced multi-day high-altitude treks. Gear carried daily is limited to lunch, snacks, camera, water, and clothing for the day's weather. Trekking is generally more taxing, requiring repeat endurance efforts with minimal recovery.

A.B.C. (Trekking & Hiking) is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy authentic encounters with the people and environment of the mountains. The magnanimity and the isolation of the mountains, the physical challenge and uncertainty, the myths, mysteries and the legendary Sherpa of the mountains…. and, the story of local rituals & beliefs carried by a spill of howling air emerging from a crevice or a lofty cliff in a silent moon-lit night will only humble us enough to understand and appreciate the supremacy of the Nature God!

You can join us in any of these ABC - Trek & Hike programs....

PROGRAM-A (6-9 days)
Uttarakhand Region Himachal Pradesh Region
PROGRAM-B (10-14 days)
Uttarakhand Region Himachal Pradesh Region Leh Laddakh Region
PROGRAM-C (15-18 days)
Uttarakhand Region Himachal Pradesh Region Leh Laddakh Region

..... or even you can have a program of your choice!!! click here